Corporate worship is an encounter with the living God where He works for, in, and through His people (Heb. 12:28–29). Because God promises to meet His people as we gather in the name of Christ (Matt. 18:20), we at Oakland Hills Community Church are eager to assemble in Christ’s name around the gifts that He has given to help us to grow in assurance, comfort, and holiness. So, we are a church focused on God’s ordained means of grace, namely Word, sacrament, and prayer. Through the Scripture, the signs given to confirm the Scripture, and our way of responding directly to God, we believe Christ most pointedly works to build us up for life with Him.

The patterns of the Christian life include praising God, confessing our sin, believing the gospel, and then living in holy gratitude for what we receive in the gospel. Our worship trains us how to walk through these routine features of walking with Christ so that we learn to have praise, repentance, trust, and thankfulness engrained increasingly into our hearts. We celebrate communion every Lord’s Day morning because the Lord’s Supper confirms how Christ was given for you and comes to us for spiritual nourishment and growth in grace.