Join us Sundays at 11:00 am & 6:00 pm!
An Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Farmington Hills, MI

How many times have you thought, “why do I get out of bed to go to church on Sunday morning,” or “why do I go to church when I don’t get anything out of it?”  “Why do we sing in church?”  “Why do people listen to a message from the Bible?”  

This new series on Worship will energize your worship experience.  You will see the Eternal Triune God in all of His glory.  Our Sovereign Father is seeking worshipers.  King Jesus, who is alive, speaks through His word.  The Holy Spirit comforts those who know Him, and they experience inexpressible joy in His presence.

Many in our generation are like sheep.  They just follow the one in front of them, not knowing where they are going.  Traditions and mindless repetition fill many houses of worship. Come and enter God’s presence with us.  Come and see what you’ve been missing!

Here’s the first message in the series:


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