“Prepare ye the way of the Lord!”

 The Old Testament prophets warned the people of Israel to prepare their hearts for the coming Messiah. In the New Testament, John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness for repentance because the Messiah was at hand. John, the disciple of Christ, closed the book of Revelation with the promise that the King is coming again to take his people home. “The King Is Coming!” rings out with the hope that Christ’s return is near and bids us prepare for the glorious moment.
During the daily skits, children will watch as Prince Alexander shows Joey how to prepare himself for the arrival of the King. In Bible lessons, they will study God’s perfect creation and how Adam and Eve fell from grace; the covenant God made with Abraham; salvation through Christ; and the promise of glory given to those who believe in Christ.

We are excited to teach your kiddos about the gospel this Summer! We will meet in the afternoons on

June 24-27 from 9AM to 12PM each day.