Dr. Harrison Perkins has written articles for Ligonier’s monthly magazine Tabletalk.

He also writes regularly for other websites including Heidelblog and Modern Reformation.

Dr. Perkins has written several books. His latest book Reformed Covenant Theology: A Systematic Introduction, is now available for purchase!

You can download free copies of Dr. Perkins’ academic writings here.

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The Orthodox Presbyterian Church holds to the historical creeds and The Westminster Standards.

Ecumenical Creeds

The Westminster Standards

Confession and Catechisms
with full Scripture proofs

The Confession of Faith and Catechisms with Proof Texts (hardbound book) is available for order here.

See also Modern English Study Version (a helpful paraphrase of the Confession of Faith, but not a part of our doctrinal Standards); First Catechism (for children); Larger Catechism bulletin inserts; table showing the American revisions to the Confession of Faith.

Other Readings

Why Christians Sing the Psalms -Bryan D. Estelle, Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament Westminster Seminary California