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Adam Rebandt

Adam has been at OHCC since its founding in 1987 and became an elder in 2018. He remembers being given lollipops as a 4-year-old during some of the lectures his father, Pastor Ralph Rebandt, was attending at Westminster Theological Seminary.  Although Adam does not have a specific day that he remembers believing in Jesus, his most vivid memory was spending the night at my grandfather’s house and being led through asking Jesus into his heart.  From that point on, Adam knew that he believed, that he had made a confession in his heart and that God has always been at work in his life. His hobbies include time with the Lord, walking and going to the gym with his wife Sarah, raising their six children, athletics, serving his church family and spending time with his extended family.

Adam has found that the entirety of God’s Word is always teaching him something new.  His favorite verse is Psalm 68:5 “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows, is God in His holy habitation.”  Adam’s desire is to see children taken care of through loving teaching and training. He can say, like the apostle John, that “he has no greater joy than to see that my children are walking in the truth.”  Recently, this has outplayed through involvement with the OHCC youth group, which has been an area of enjoyment for him and Sarah.

As an Elder, Adam oversees…


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