Thinking about visiting Oakland Hills Community Church? We can’t wait to meet you! Sometimes people have questions about what to expect. The questions below try to help you know what to expect when you attend.

Our core values are to be: Biblical, Churchly, and Confessional. We strive to be grounded in and fed by God’s inspired Word, committed to one another as an encouraging and supportive community of faith, and rooted in traditional Christianity as expressed in the historic Creeds and Reformed confessions. We long to know God and make Him known.

What is a typical Sunday like?

Sundays have three main opportunities to gather at OHCC. We have Sunday school at 9:45 AM, which includes classes for adults and kids of all ages, followed by a time of fellowship over coffee and treats at 10:30 AM. Morning worship begins at 11AM. Evening worship, which is a completely different service from the morning, begins at 6 PM.

What is the worship service like?

Worship is an encounter with God to be helped and trained for life with him. God speaks to us through His Word, He confirms his Word by His sacraments, and we respond to Him in prayer – both spoken and in song. We rejoice that God has promised to meet us, so our worship is joyful as well as reverent. We give good attention to the reading and preaching of the holy Scripture. We celebrate communion every Lord’s Day in morning worship, remembering that Christ has given Himself for us to reconcile us to God and continually gives himself to us for our spiritual nourishment and growth in grace.

What will my kids do during the worship service?

Oakland Hills loves our covenant children and is zealous to see them grow up trusting Christ, knowing His Word, and cherishing His church. During the service, we have nursery care available for babies, and the Stepping Stones class for 3–5 year olds during the sermon. We long for our kids to be with us in worship though, so encourage parents to help their kids learn to participate in the services. We have age-appropriate Sunday School for kids before the service. But we love for as many from the covenant community – including our kids – as possible to be together to worship our great and majestic God. Please do not worry about your kids being a distraction. They won’t be! There is care and space available if they are in a particularly less-than-ideal mood, but otherwise we are glad that our kids are worshipping with us even when they make kid noises.

Where can I find recent sermons?

Check out our sermon library.