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An Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Farmington Hills, MI

The music ministry is very important to us at OHCC and it has played a special part of making us what we are today. We know a great deal of freedom in the Lord when we prioritize two important goals. The first Goal with our music in corporate worship is to faithfully praise God, the second goal is to build up and edify one another. Every week, we carefully select songs to meet both of these goals from the many faithful songs throughout the ages. We find having a mix of both newer style songs and classic traditional style songs to be most edifying for our congregation, which is made up of people from all age groups.

We have been blessed with a wealth of talent that we call on to aid us in worship at Oakland Hills. On different Sundays, we feature this talent through an orchestra, several music teams (including a youth team and a children’s choir), as well as outstanding piano, guitar and bass accompaniment. It has been a joy to see members enthusiastically serve our Lord with their musical talents.

Children Singing
Piano at Oakland Hills Community Church