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An Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Farmington Hills, MI

Jesus gave the Great Commission to the church: Making disciples … go (Matt. 28:19-20).  Growth Groups at Oakland Hills Community Church are intended to be one means of being faithful to this charge.  Growth Groups encourage people to grow as disciples by studying God’s Word together and to connect with other pilgrims on the journey.

January 2023 Growth Groups

  1.  Saints & Scoundrels @ 10am Fridays at OHCC building – facilitated by Vicki Oliver and Marcia Kowynia
  2. Who is the Holy Spirit @ 1pm on Thursday afternoons – facilitated by Marilyn Snyder

Saints & Scoundrels

This study group for women meets every Friday morning from 10am until noon in the church fellowship hall. The group is led by Marcia Kowynia and Vicki Oliver. They are studying Saints & Scoundrels – In the Story of Jesusa book by Nancy Guthrie.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Marilyn Snyder is leading a group for senior ladies that will meet every Thursday afternoon in her home in South Lyon – starting at 1:00pm. They are studying the material by Sinclair B. Ferguson — Who is the Holy Spirit?

Marilyn Snyder
Marilyn Snyder

Marilyn says: “Hearing about Jesus and all He did for me while attending Bible school as a little girl in Detroit, I invited Him into my heart and asked Him to forgive my sins. I wanted Jesus Christ to be my Savior, I loved Him. As a young woman I realized I loved Jesus but had not trusted Him to take control of my life. I prayed and asked God to take my life and make me who He intended me to be. Bible Study became important to me. Eventually I got involved with BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Being a discussion leader in BSF for quite a few years was a blessing and kept me in the Word. God led me to OHCC and I became a member in 2016. The teaching here is strong and clear and the people are warm and inviting. I am so thankful for the opportunity to facilitate the Senior Ladies Bible Study. It is a wonderful blessing. Some of us seniors have known the Lord for years and some are very new to learning what God’s Word teaches us. We encourage one another and pray for each other as we each grow in the knowledge of how great our God is.”