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…spiritual growth, fellowship, and bonding…

Growth Groups at OHCC are intended to be one means of being faithful to the charge that Jesus gave to the church: Making disciples … go (Matt. 28:19-20). They encourage people to grow as disciples by connecting more deeply with other pilgrims on the journey and by studying God’s Word together.

Our Growth Groups launched in September of 2015 and they have proven to be a very valuable part of our community.  They provide additional avenues to fellowship outside of Sunday mornings, to develop strong relationships and to study God’s Word. Based on a trimester system, our Growth Groups are an excellent means of meeting new people and of getting plugged in to the church community. There are a variety of general groups for all ages as well as groups meeting certain demographics and interests.

The trimester system varies as far as specific dates, but we generally observe the following periods:

Fall Trimester: 12 weeks series, typically September through November (sign up in August)

Winter Trimester: 12 weeks series, typically January through March (sign up in December)

Spring Trimester: 8 weeks series, typically May through June (sign up in April)

Many groups are open to receiving new people even after a trimester has started. See the Current Growth Groups Trimester page for more info on the meeting times, locations and leaders of each current group.