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An Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Farmington Hills, MI

Our desire is to see families know and worship the true God of this world. To that end, we have put in place many aids to help our families during different stages of family life.

Sunday School Classes (All Ages)

Age appropriate biblical training is available for all ages. There are four separate Sunday school classes particularly for our kids ranging from 3-year-olds up to high school seniors. Classes meet Sunday mornings from 9:45 am to 10:30 am. Please see the Sunday School page for more info.

Nursery and Infant Room (0-3yrs)

The Nursery is typically for newborns up to 3 year olds and is offered both during the Sunday School hour and during Morning Worship. It is stocked with books and toys to aid in peaceful playtime and has an attached children’s bathroom for those engaged in potty training.

In addition to the nursery, we have an Infant Room adjacent to the main play area to allow for a quiet place for children to nap or a calm space for you to sooth or feed your baby. This space has pack-n-plays, baby swings, a changing table and a sink available.

Parents are welcome to stay in the nursery with their children or to drop them off with our trained and background checked staff.

We take the safety of your child very seriously and have safety protocols in place. The first time your child is in our nursery, we will ask you to fill out a Child Registration Card and you will be given a copy of our Nursery Handbook and Policy. Each time a child is dropped off, you will sign them in and when you pick them up you will sign them out. We use pagers so that you can be easily notified if you are needed to return to the nursery early.

Stepping Stones (3-5yrs)

We offer an interactive Bible class time especially for our 3 to 5-year-olds during the morning worship sermon. We recognize that at this age, it can be a challenge for little ones to sit still and quiet for a prolonged time. Our rotating volunteer teachers enthusiastically work with them, making it a fun and enriching time of learning as well as freeing the parents to focus on the sermon.

We are “living stones” (1 Peter 2:4-7) even at a young age. This class is designed to help our children develop into being able to stay in the service with their parents. The kids participate in the service for the singing and prayer time and are escorted by their parents to the classroom after the scripture reading, just prior to the sermon. After the sermon, the parents return to pick up the kids and they rejoin us in worship for the final song.

Youth Group (12-18yrs)

Our Youth Group is for teens ages 12 years old up to high school seniors. They meet two times a month after the morning service for a time of food, fun, fellowship and devotions. The dates for each month’s meetings are posted on the church calendar, printed in the bulletin, and announced at church. Email announcements are available as well. Please see the Youth Ministry page for more information.

Overflow Seating in the Fellowship Hall

During morning worship, live video feed of the service can be viewed in our fellowship hall
where we have overflow seating available. Anyone is welcome to sit in this area. Many of our
families with young children like to use this space as it is a more casual setting with more room
for the kids to move around a bit while still being part of worship.

Mommy & Me Room

This is a small private room that many of our nursing mothers utilize. It is located off of the main lobby near the welcome desk. The space has a large plush glider, a changing table and also a sink. Because it is a private single use room, please knock before entering.

Family Bathroom

A Family Bathroom is available with a changing table in the room. It is located along the hallway connecting the main lobby and fellowship hall. Because it is a single use room, please knock before entering.

Changing Tables

There are several changing tables available throughout the building. They can be found in our Infant Nursery Room, the Family Bathroom, as well as the Mommy & Me Room.

Book Nook

There is a Book Nook stocked with excellent resources for all ages. From pamphlets, to picture books, to works on important topics, there is something here for everyone. These resources have been generously provided free of charge.