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Jesus gave the Great Commission to the church: Making disciples … go (Matt. 28:19-20).  Growth Groups at Oakland Hills Community Church are intended to be one means of being faithful to this charge.  Growth Groups encourage people to grow as disciples by studying God’s Word together and to connect with other pilgrims on the journey.

Fall 2020 Growth Groups – Sign Up

  1. Ancient Church History – led by Pastor Ralph Rebandt
  2. Hebrews: Race to Glory – Senior Ladies Growth Group – led by Joyce Harris & Marilyn Snyder (postponed until January)
  3. New Testament Canon – for everyone high school to 100 – facilitated by Doug & Jane Vos
  4. Finding Christ in the Prophets – for women of all ages – led by Cheryl Meharg

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Ancient Church History

  • Summary: This group will explore the first 500 years of church history
  • Facilitator:  Pastor Ralph Rebandt
  • Venue: Oakland Hills Church Fellowship Hall
  • Date/Time: Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m.-8:30p.m – beginning September 9

The church possesses a rich history and has inherited doctrine throughout the ages that has allowed it to understand Scripture better and to worship the Lord in greater knowledge and veracity. This course will examine the first 500 years of the church in order to illuminate the impact of the early church so that the church today might know itself and her Lord better. 

This is a 12 week course which consists of a thirty minute video lecture by Dr. W. Robert Godfrey. He examines major events, ideas, and people from the first five hundred years of church history, and explains their significance for the people of God today.  The lecture video will be followed by discussion, fellowship and prayer. Join us for an inspirational time as we connect God’s work in the church and in history. 

New Testament Canon

  • Summary: How did we get the books of the New Testament?
  • Facilitators: Doug & Jane Vos
  • Venue: Zoom video – from the comfort of your home
  • Date/Time: Tuesday nights, 7:00 to 8:30pm – Oct 13, 20, 27, and Nov 3, 10, & 17

We’ll be meeting via Zoom for 6 weeks starting October 13, and exploring the veracity of the New Testament Canon – using the excellent material form Ligonier Ministries. The video lectures will be followed by discussion, fellowship and prayer.

Opponents of Christianity raise challenging questions about the origins, authorship, age, and reliability of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament. When the authenticity of the New Testament is questioned, so is the gospel. In this series, Dr. Michael J. Kruger critiques the most common objections to the canonicity of the New Testament and articulates sound reasons to believe with confidence that the New Testament is the authentic, true, and inspired Word of God.

A preview of the some of the topics we’ll be exploring together.

Finding Christ in the Prophets

  • Summary: Friday morning ladies group – Finding Christ in the Prophets
  • Facilitator: Cheryl Meharg
  • Venue: OHCC Fellowship Hall
  • Date/Time: Friday mornings, starting September 11 from 10:00am to 11:30(ish)

The Friday morning group is for women of all ages and stages, starting September 11- November 13, 10:00 am until 11:30 (ish).  Entrance is thru the kitchen door at the SE corner of the church only.  All other doors are locked for security purposes.  We will be studying Finding Christ in the Prophets by Nancy Guthrie.  I have 6 copies available for $10, or it can be purchased online.  First lesson will be discussed at the first meeting.  We hope to see some new faces.  This study is proving to be very relevant to our current world situation.

In the Old Testament, God spoke to his people through prophets ― men specially called to speak God’s Word to his people. The New Testament makes it clear that such prophets, whether chastising or comforting, testified to Israel’s final redemption and ultimate hope: Jesus the Messiah. The group will read and explore prophetic biblical themes such as:

  • Hosea’s willingness to redeem his unfaithful bride from slavery
  • Isaiah’s divine King and suffering Servant, who will be punished for his people
  • Daniel’s stone, not hewn by human hands, that will crush every human kingdom
  • Ezekiel’s vision of a city where we will enjoy Jesus’s presence forever
Cheryl Meharg

Cheryl Meharg says: “I made my profession of faith October 17, 1983 while attending Stony Creek United Methodist Church in Ypsilanti, MI. Within a few years we moved and attended Ward Presbyterian for 25 yrs.  During those years I attended weekly the Community Bible Study, led a small group of women with toddlers and subsequently joined a Women’s Circle (Bible study) and attended Wednesday night Christian Education classes. I have taken 2 BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) studies and 10+ yrs of  Precept studies.  I continue studying and learning on Wednesday nights here at OHCC and other Growth Group opportunities.”


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