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Oakland Hills Growth Groups provide the opportunity for learning together, mutual encouragement and growing in grace. For the fall of 2018 we have growth groups for women of all ages, general growth groups for everyone, and an early morning (wake up and smell the coffee) group for men. Choose from Discipleship Explored, Mastering Motherhood, Psalms, Hebrews, and Christ from Beginning to End. Please review the options listed below and sign up using the online form at the bottom of this page.

Christ from Beginning to End

A general study meeting on Wednesday nights,from 7-8:30pm, at OHCC — open to everyone.Christ from Beginning to End: How the Full Story of Scripture Reveals the Full Glory of Christ

Christ from Beginning to End will help Christians understand better how every part of Scripture fits together to reveal the glory of Christ Jesus. Tracing the Bible’s storyline from Genesis to Revelation — participants will see how God’s plan unfolds through his covenants. You’ll be equipped for a lifetime of seeing Christ’s glory in Scripture. Gary Meharg is the group facilitator, and together you’ll learn how to:

  • read the Bible according to the three biblical contexts: the immediate context, the context of the unfolding story, and the context of the whole story centered in Christ.
  • recognize how different parts of the Bible connect together as part of a unified story.
  • embrace the story of the Bible as your own, to live this story out, and to share this story with your neighbors and the nations.


Discipleship Explored

This growth group for senior women, will meet every-other Friday (starting Sept. 7) at Marilyn Snyder’s home – from 10am to 12 noon. Discipleship Explored will help followers of Jesus discover the joy, unity, righteousness and love which are theirs in Christ. This journey through Paul’s letter to the Philippians will help you discover the greatest love anyone could ever know, and how to live as disciples of Christ Jesus today. The facilitators are Joyce Harris and Marilyn Snyder.


Be WorshipfulThis growth group for women meets every Friday at OHCC, from 10am to 12 noon. Marcia Thompson is the group facilitator. You’ll need your Bible open to the Psalms each week.

The workbook/study guide will be The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: PSALMS – Glorifying God for Who He Is. (paperback) This study does not require a lot of homework but we’ll learn a lot in class time.

The commentary is Be Worshipful: Glorifying God For Who He Is. It covers Psalms 1-89. (It’s optional — for those who enjoy extra reading.)

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. ~ Psalm 23:1,2 (ESV)

Mastering Motherhood

Mastering Motherhood: Biblical Patterns for ParentingMASTERING MOTHERHOOD will reassure mothers of their vital role in society and give them tools to be the kind of mother God intends them to be.  This group will meet on Tuesdays, from 9:30 to 11am in Dearborn. The group facilitators will be Jane Vos and Melissa Dugan. Starts Sept 4th.

“Pressured by so many contradictory societal attitudes about families, it is easy for mothers to lose sight of what they really are to accomplish in their role. Barbara Bush (not the former President’s wife)  brings encouragement with a fresh look at God’s plan for motherhood. ‘The Bible has a great deal to say about exactly how to perform our tasks as parents and mothers,” she says. “God gave us Scripture so that each of us ‘may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.’” Bush strongly feels that mothering is one of those good works. The Mastering Motherhood Growth Group will also have prayer times focusing on personal and immediate family needs.

This Growth Group  is for women ages 18 and over, single, married, with or without families. Do you want to interact together about nurturing, in the contexts of church and home,  and motherhood? Facilitators also desire to connect mentors/mentees for women 18 and over, whether in the growth group or not. Mentors are mature women who have a personal relationship with Christ. Mentors (and facilitators!)  don’t have all the answers, but have put themselves under God’s care and authority. Mentors offer encouragement and hope. (It is possible to be both a mentor and a mentee.) For the Mastering Motherhood Growth Group, sign up below. For mentor/mentee interest, contact Jane Vos or Melissa Dugan.


The Hebrews Growth Group will be studying the book of Hebrews. This group is open to anyone, and will meet at the Fong’s house every Thursday evening from 6:45 to 8:45pm. John Bayon will be the facilitator.

“Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of your faith” is the call to Christians in the face of discouragement, hardship, and persecution for their faith in Christ.  We will enjoy a 12 week, inductive study of the book of Hebrews using original study questions provided each week in advance.  Hebrews was authored by an unknown, mid-first century Christian who was an exceptional preacher of the excellencies of Christ.  He guides us to the utter uniqueness and superiority of the person and work of Jesus Christ. Since Christ is singularly glorious, Hebrews proclaims, so our focus and faith in him must also be singular.  Hebrews radiantly illuminates the glory of Jesus Christ and closes the door to the desperate temptation to trust in anything or anyone else.

Early Morning Men’s Group

Pastor Ralph will lead an early morning men’s group at 6:30am at OHCC. Subject and dates TBD.

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