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Jesus gave the Great Commission to the church: Making disciples … go (Matt. 28:19-20).  Growth Groups at Oakland Hills Community Church are intended to be one means of being faithful to this charge.  Growth Groups encourage people to grow as disciples by studying God’s Word together and to connect with other pilgrims on the journey.

Fall 2022 Growth Groups – Sign Up

  1. Chosen by God @ 1pm on Wednesday afternoons – facilitated by Marilyn Snyder
  2.  No Condemnation @ 10am Fridays at OHCC building – facilitated by Vicki Oliver and Marcia Kowinya
  3. Option three – TBD
  4. Option four – TBD

Chosen by God

Marilyn Snyder is leading a group for senior ladies that will meet every Wednesday afternoon in her home in South Lyon – starting at 1:00pm.

Chosen by God by Dr. R. C. Sproul is a contemporary classic on predestination, a doctrine that isn’t just for Calvinists. It is a doctrine for all biblical Christians. In this updated and expanded edition of Chosen by God, Sproul shows that the doctrine of predestination doesn’t create a whimsical or spiteful picture of God, but rather paints a portrait of a loving God who provides redemption for radically corrupt humans.

We choose God because he has opened our eyes to see his beauty; we love him because he first loved us. There is mystery in God’s ways, but not contradiction.

Marilyn Snyder
Marilyn Snyder

Marilyn says: “Hearing about Jesus and all He did for me while attending Bible school as a little girl in Detroit, I invited Him into my heart and asked Him to forgive my sins. I wanted Jesus Christ to be my Savior, I loved Him. As a young woman I realized I loved Jesus but had not trusted Him to take control of my life. I prayed and asked God to take my life and make me who He intended me to be. Bible Study became important to me. Eventually I got involved with BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Being a discussion leader in BSF for quite a few years was a blessing and kept me in the Word. God led me to OHCC and I became a member in 2016. The teaching here is strong and clear and the people are warm and inviting. I am so thankful for the opportunity to facilitate the Senior Ladies Bible Study. It is a wonderful blessing. Some of us seniors have known the Lord for years and some are very new to learning what God’s Word teaches us. We encourage one another and pray for each other as we each grow in the knowledge of how great our God is.”

No Condemnation – Romans 8

Opening with the bold declaration that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, Romans 8 is a source of great comfort for every Christian. From beginning to end, it reminds us that nothing can separate the children of God from His love.

In this twelve-part teaching series, Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas exegetes this stunning passage of Scripture verse by verse and explains why he considers it to be the greatest chapter in the entire Bible.

In contemporary Western culture, it has become commonplace to think of Christianity as restrictive, harsh, or judgmental in nature. Those who believe this have sadly misunderstood the central theme of the Christian faith: the forgiveness of sins as freely offered to sinners because of what Jesus Christ has accomplished. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores one of the pivotal motifs of Romans 8, the reality that there is no condemnation for sinners who place their hope in Jesus Christ.

Here’s a preview link to these lessons.

Sign up ended on 2-Oct-2022 - You can still contact a group leader if you are joining late. Find them at church or in Breeze.


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